One of the nicest things in my wedding photo job is when my work is equally appreciated, for example, by two sisters who decided to get married in some space of time.

The session with Jagoda’s sister had taken place two years before. When I came to the sisters’ parents’ house I felt fine and very domestic from the very start. I greeted their parents with a loud welcome „I’m back!”. The situation seems to be familiar, but is quite different every time. The tradition in this family is gathering all the closest friends before blessing and a young couple introduces them one by one.

Zoltan read a very touching text written specially for Jagoda.It was about their story and feelings. I must admit I was deeply moved. Everyone was under impression. It’s not easy when you are fragile and open to others. However, I’d learnt it a few years before. It’s priceless. Nothing can be worse than surrending to the magic of the moment. You forget to release a shutter. I recall such situations from the past.

A very vivid wedding ceremony at The Folwark Zalesie. I’d worked there many times. For the first time it was a civil wedding.It was absolutely lovely. Their huge arbour is a fantastic place for a group picture – one of my favourites.


Folwark Zalesie, Grajów 150, Wieliczka

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