I can’t remember how they got me. It sometimes happens that my clients stick to me for a longer time. That has happend with this couple. Constantly we try this and that.

Magda and Tomek are personal trainers (Zen Fitness). They study, improve themselves. They never stop. As a photographer I do my best to help them, especially with the visage. My multitasking is very useful. Besides the wedding photography I also provide numerous different photo projects.

The photo session was held one year after the wedding. On the whole it was O.K. It seemed to be the first anniversary gift. Both the closer and farther outskirts of Cracow are amazing locations. The walk itself was not very long, but some terrific shots remained. Thanks!


THE WEDDING AND THE WEDDING RECEPTION: Hotel Witek, Handlowców 14, Modlniczka, THE WEDDING SHOOT: Szczawnica outskirts, Poland.

Traktuję moją pracę bardzo poważnie!

And yet I have a smile on my face. Let me know and you will see for yourself!