About me

Kamil A. Krajewski

KAMIL A. KRAJEWSKI – happily married, a proud and devoted father of a boy and a girl.A natural born photographer. I can call myself that. In 2010 both my friend and I set up a mutual wedding brand and since last few years I’ve echieved a lot of experience as a wedding photographer.

In the beginning I thought a wedding session, not the wedding journalism, is definitely my cup of tea. But soon it turned out I’m very fond of spontaneous people’s emotions so wedding journalism became my passion. It took me some time to discover that, maybe because I’ve also been working as a commercial photograph.

I have now moved to my individual path.

I’ve entered LOVE SIDE!

Although I have 14 days to deliver the wedding photos I still find some time for my strictly artistic development. The result was my exhibition „Layers” at The Agaap Gallery in Paris. I take pictures wherever 

I’m needed. Until today, apart from Poland,I have also worked in Spain, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

I have an honour to be a member of a prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association.



While working I always respect the fact I am a witness of very private and emotional moments. I have an honour to accompany you on that precious day. There is a great responsibility laying on me. You can expect photos that would become during the years some kind of time machine. Some day you’ll sit down, and running through file photos, recall the moments of that great experience of your life. Although I am really a tall man, it is said so,I work as if I were invisible.


Every wedding photographer  meets a lot professionals from different branches. Here on the left you can find portal logos and artists thanks to whom my work at weddings gives me more pleasure.People are fundamental!


Wedding journalism

A wedding photographer should take pictures with all his heart and search for emotions. That is my motto. You have to be everywhere and predict what can happen. Reflex also counts.


It rarely…almost never happens a young couple working in modeling. Our session has to be a pure pleasure for you so we work together on the whole conception. That makes you feel easy and natural.


That kind of photography is a perfect souvenir for your sister, auntie or grandmother. Specially when you don’t see each other regularly. Those pictures bring happiness to your family for a lifetime.


Zuza i Florian

Our friends recommended Kamil’s company

We’ve chosen him to be our wedding photographer. In turn, our  acquaintances – after having seen our wedding shots – can’t see any other options.

Kamil is very professional. He’s always in the right place and right time to take a good shot. Moreover he’s very discreet – that was important for us. A visual form of his photos also suited us. They had a sort of journalistic atmosphere and were oriented to catch the very special moment instead of creating it.The service price isn’t low, but comparing to the competitive offers still very attractive. Particularly when you can see the fantastic final result. I was also fond of the possibility to choose some components valued separately –the journalism, the session, signing the agreement for a layout of an album after having looked through all the photographs.I deeply recommend!

Basia i Mateusz

Right from the start, when we first met, we knew we saw things the same way so refining all details was a pleasure.

During the wedding and the wedding reception I didn’t even notice when he took such a number of superb photos. He has got a perfect eye to catch moments, that Kamil!While the two- day session, in spite of the heat, we had a big fun and all results were exactly as I had dreamt. And that was all about!

When working on the album we had lots of options to choose from, and Kamil very bravely and patiently tolerated my comments like ‘one centimetre left, half a centimetre right’. I sincerely recommend, don’t think twice, you won’t be let down!

Gabrysia i Darek

We had a pleasure to cooperate with Kamil in June this year.

He made a splendid wedding journalism thanks to which all the details from the wedding day will stay alive in our memory for years. Full professionalism! Kamil stayed unvisible, moving like Ninja, among the guests and that’s why nobody felt uncomfortable in front of his camera. He perfectly managed to  arrange the family and friends for the group picture, the way everyone was clearly seen and made even those reluctant ones smile, so there are no sad faces in the pictures! Beautiful frames, excellent quality shots… and express realisation time!We recommend him to all couples who care for exceptional records of this precious day.Thanks Kamil!




Go farther than 100 km from Cracow because I love travelling in my car. I shall need an accommodation the night before the wedding… 10 or 12 hours of running with a camera is almost a marathon!


Pack everything I need to arrange a photo session abroad. Many times I have flown with the equipment to France, Spain, Netherlands or Switzerland. Needless to say, it makes me feel happy!

Help with the organization.

Due to my long practice in the field of wedding photography I have won lots of connections with people who work at weddings as leaders of the dance, DJs, florists, photo boots. I can recommend those with whom the work is easy.


I can advise:if to take leds to the wedding hall. Is it better to serve the wedding cake at 9p.m. or at midnight? Is it worth planning in advance or improvising?And many more… Believe me, I’ve seen a lot. I willingly share my experience. I do really care for you to feel comfortable, with no stress.